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          College & Career Planning

          DC's College & Career Planning exists to help students as they plan for the future. It fosters a commitment to wise and faithful life and career stewardship.


          School counselors meet with juniors and their parents to discuss the college planning process. Please see our College & Career 资源 link for more information. Counselors customize their services to each family's unique questions and concerns, discuss financial aid and scholarship options, orient students and parents to the video, print and computer resources available in the 指导 Center and talk about the practical issues of the college exploration process. These meetings are scheduled by appointment, through the guidance staff. More general college planning information for parents is addressed in the evening Sophomore/Junior Parent College Planning meeting held five evenings throughout the fall and winter. Interested juniors and seniors are invited to visit with the many college representatives that visit DC.

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          Director of College & Career Counseling
          610-353-6522 x2229

          610-353-6522 x2290

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