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          Conducted properly, giving benefits both giver and receiver. This is not a uniquely Christian principle. 
          However, the Christian’s giving is set against a much richer backdrop: that of the Giver of all things, including our talents, our health, our salvation, and our very existence. The Christian gives in recognition of what has been given to us. We give not boastfully or out of self-interest, but out of gratitude for what God has done for us and that He has graciously called us to participate in His Kingdom work. 

          We do not labor in this work alone. In His providence, God has also given us Christian community for the furtherance of his Kingdom. At Delaware County Christian School, we strive to advance God’s Kingdom by being a community of cheerful givers, not merely through our finances but through all the talents and resources with which God has blessed us.

          support dc

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          If you would like to join this community of givers or renew your support for DC, please contact Carter Skeel, Director of Development, by email at cskeel@dccs.org or by phone at 610-353-6522 x2212.

          To give a direct, cash gift to the school, visit our online giving form. To learn about other options for supporting DC, please explore the menu to the right.

          Contact Information

          Carter Skeel
          Director of Development
          610-353-6522 x2212

          Trisha Tuttle
          Development Coordinator and Alumni Assistant
          610-353-6522 x2207

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